Logic Pro Articulation Set Project

Some time ago we started collecting articulations sets for the most common libraries we used. Today we announce that the project is public for everyone to use for free. The project is hosted on GitHub and is constantly updated as we use new libraries: https://github.com/neugens/logic-articulations-settings Please, check out the project page for instructions how to […]

Organs Swells For Iris 2

“Organs Swells For Iris” is the second collection of patches for iZotope Iris 2. This is the patch set we created for the article “Creating a simple patch for iZotope Iris 2” in the Chestnut. The patches are released free of charge and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The Pads, As They Called Them – Volume 1

“The Pads, As They Called Them” volume 1 is a small collections containing three patches for iZotope Iris 2. The first patch, “Infinite Pads” contains a glockenspiel and “knock on wood” samples highly altered using “Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch. “Metal Resonant Drum” contains samples of kitchen pots hit with a spoon, a fridge door closing […]