Organs Swells For Iris 2

“Organs Swells For Iris” is the second collection of patches for iZotope Iris 2. This is the patch set we created for the article “Creating a simple patch for iZotope Iris 2” in the Chestnut. The patches are released free of charge and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The Pads, As They Called Them – Volume 1

“The Pads, As They Called Them” volume 1 is a small collections containing three patches for iZotope Iris 2. The first patch, “Infinite Pads” contains a glockenspiel and “knock on wood” samples highly altered using “Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch. “Metal Resonant Drum” contains samples of kitchen pots hit with a spoon, a fridge door closing […]